When the Sun whispers at night – The Auroras


Hold you breath as the aurora takes it away!!

A magnificent light show, auroras, as resplendent as their name sounds to be. Aurora is the best thing you could ever gaze as you lay eyes on the skies. As they pierce through the skies, they continue, till they pierce through you by the voodoo of their beauty.

How they are formed?
Sun is known for the fire, the heat that we feel, but, at night it sends a cool breeze for our eyes through the auroras as if it wants to say that “I am still here”. It literally sends a part of it,bit by bit,to show us its presence even at night
Auroras are formed when charged particles released from Sun interact with gaseous particles present in Earth’s atmosphere. These are seen around the magnetic poles of northern and southern hemispheres. The north pole aurora is called the aurora borealis and the aurora at the south pole is called the aurora australis.

The beautiful picture above is an amazing example of patience which paid off. The chance of visibility of an aurora depends upon the solar activity.

In the picture: Aurora over Norway
Pic credits: Max Rive

I will be covering this topic in detail in the next main article. Stay tuned !

  • Jaskaran