But I will burn like a Supernova…

I am like this Earth
Have met meteors
Asteroids and Comets
But see
I am still here
That’s why the lava
I spill here
You know
I am the way
Might not be the Milky Way
Not like the Sun
But I will burn
Like a Supernova
At once
But for many times
Like an exception
So I can’t count
How many times
I rhymed
I am Energy
That you can’t destroy or create
I believe in this moment, not fate
Come near and burn
Or stay away and watch
You can’t control me
Just like the time on your watch
You can call me a wandering Planet
You Asteroids can hurt me for some time
Not me, but you will vanish
With my oceans I will still sooth you
You are lost
I am lost too
You know
I am more alive because,
I found myself
Not you.
 I used the life that you carried too
You must have been alive
If you chose the life you carried too
 I am the Universe 
You can see me..
Through this verse
Poem by –  Jaskaran Singh