Humans of Mars


That’s what they call me

They are looking upon me

Through eyes in space and

Crawling machines on my chest

They call me the red planet


I am not

A dead planet

What I am

Is what they are searching for

Fourth from the Sun

One of the eight balls

Completing my Sols

Through space

I crawl

Smaller than the Earth

I am alive

Than you ever thought

Polar ice caps and methane

Playing with

Your curiosity

And your rovers

Driving you insane

Home to

Olympus Mons

The father of Mt. Everest

4.6 billion years ago

I took birth

With all my companions

How far but

How close

We are like minions

Of the Sun

We are one

From the millions

We became many

From one

The Universe

We are on

A journey

Let’s enjoy the ride

Humans of Earth

Let’s do it together

I will be your home

One day

Just as my bigger sister


Just waiting for that day


I will be reborn


Under martian stars

A human

Will be born

Universe will call them

Humans of Mars



– Jaskaran Singh

Featured image credits – NASA/JPL-Caltech