When I will reach the region of star formation

Someone leave me in space

Where there is no face

Where there is no race

Just me and my racing heart

No point where space ends, no point where it starts

I will be away from Earth

Away from the cycle of death and birth

As I will burn in UV

I will forget what I want to be

I will feel just what I am

Which I have…

Forgot for a while

As I will “space walk” for a mile

With a smile

I will orbit the Moon

Tasting its dust

With my rusty spoon

..and as I will launch myself towards Orion

I will be as positive as a cation

When I will reach the region of star formation

Spread over light years, not a small formation

I will lose myself

….because I chose myself

To be part of that dust

I will drink the fire

To settle my thirst

I will become a part of it..

I will live when my heart will stop beating

At the heart of it…


Earth is appealing no more for me

Every day, it’s just stealing some more of me

  • Poem by – Jaskaran Singh

Image Copyright: Roberto Colombari, Robert Gendler & Federico Pelliccia