A bit of cosmic inside me

Cosmic insight
For a bit of cosmic inside me.
Cosmic is..
what I want to be
Cosmic is…
the morning with that shining star
Cosmic is…
the night with holes in the sky so far
Through which,cosmic light
comes down..
Which is truer than the truth
I am a lie,wearing
a truer Cosmic gown..
Cosmic is ..that meteor shower and..
as I lie on the ground
I want it to pass through me
So that when I die,
and be buried ,
beneath the ground..
With the star dust around me
All that will be left behind..
will be Cosmic..

Just like Cosmic remnants
I will remain forever with that..
forever in that..
I am ME later 
I am ..
Cosmic first.

Poem by Jaskaran Singh


Pic from weheartit.com