Out of billions, be the one – Be The Sun

For a moment, come out of the cage

You will realize that you can fly

That cage is in your brain

You are not in it

There is no sky

There is no limit

It is not gravity that is holding you down

It’s your own mind

Tiny particles of hope will emerge

When you will grind

The rock of doubt

Listen, don’t shout

The seed is ready

It will take some time to sprout

No matter what the weather is

Whether hot or cold

Don’t die like a story untold

Hold your breath

Then let it go

All your fears

To take the quantum leap

You don’t have to travel light years

Just believe in yourself

Don’t end up like someone else’s story

Be your own book

On your own shelf

Be what you have dreamt about, every night

Come out of the cage

Be the light

Not a borrower like Moon

Be the Sun

Out of billions

Be the One

Poem by – Jaskaran Singh