An Earthquake on Io – The Jupiter’s Moon

Io is the innermost of 4 Galilean moons of Jupiter. It was discovered in January 1610 by Galileo, along with the other Galilean satellites. It has the highest density, is the fourth largest of all moons, and with the smallest name?. It’s also the driest known object in the Solar System. Life has never been easy for this small named guy that looks like a giant pizza. Gravitational pulls from Jupiter and also from the other moons i.e Europa, Ganymede and Callisto make him go crazy. They just want to tear him apart and in the process, it has to go through a lot of stress. Don’t even imagine what an earthquake would be like on Io. Here, ocean tides on Earth, are because of our own tiny(as compared to Jupiter) Moon, but same is not the case for Io.

Size of Earth compared to Jupiter.
The size of Earth compared to Jupiter.
Size of Moon compared to Earth
Size of Moon compared to Earth
Jupiter and poor Io
Jupiter and Io

It is just like a tug of war, where Io’s own family is pulling it from just all the sides. There are “solid ground tides” on Io, ground moves like an elevator moving up and down, from top to bottom, on a 30 story building!! This disturbance on Io has given rise to Volcanic activity, caused by heat produced because of friction between the moving grounds, leading to extensive lava flows of about 500 km in length.


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