I am a galaxy,or call me a flower

I am a galaxy

Or call me a flower

Abandoned in space

Swirling with grace

At each petal

I have several stars

Petals,they call them arms

At the center

As they say…

I have a black hole

Nothing escapes it

It makes me do rock n roll

It is where I dump my sorrows

And they never come back

I am the Universe

There is nothing that I lack

Except darkness

But I have dark matter

It doesn’t matter

Because I have stars

So many of them

From small to big..too big

They are mine

I feel proud

When they shine

That dust is my wig

Sometimes looks like twigs

When I smile

You will see ..

..a supernova

When I laugh

You will see..

..a hypernova

I have planets

Hope for life 

They are my butterflies

That is where my soul lies


I have many sisters

We are a family

One day

We will become one

Because we became many

From One

Poem by – Jaskaran Singh