Our Fast and Furious Universe

The title, as it says, is applicable to our Universe. The speeds that we are talking about here are faster than anything on Earth, can anything on Earth, move faster than Earth itself?

The speed at which Earth rotates around its own axis is 1670 km/h (at the equator), the speed is slower at the poles. The speed at which the Earth is revolving around the Sun is about 107,000 km/h. Bullets have speeds ranging from 2000 – 4000 kph. Now, why don’t we feel these speeds of rotation and revolution of the Earth? Because these are constant and moreover, we are moving with it (Earth). We can only feel motion if something accelerates or decelerates, your car is an example.

The Solar System is traveling at an average speed of 828,000 km/h (230 km/s) or 514,000 mph within its trajectory around the galactic center. With that speed, one can go around the equator in just 2 minutes and 54 seconds. I almost fainted when I first read these speeds. How small we are, going crazy over a speeding Bugatti, Lambo or Ferrari. But I can’t resist even these.

Our own Universe, which we are part of, is expanding faster than the speed of Light which is 1079252848.8 kilometers per hour. Wow!!

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