Terms and Conditions


  1. One must bear their own expenses during tours to observational sites.
  2. Only members above 18 years of age will be allowed to accompany the society at observational sites.
  3. One shall be considered a member only after they receive a confirmation email/slip from President or Vice President.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to those who are from far away places and slips will be given to those who are reachable.
  5. Those who are not able to pay the fee in hand shall have to deposit the sum in the given bank account, confirmation will be sent after the required sum is deposited.
  6. One must have to bear expenses for damaging society’s property.
  7. Bad weather and other similar factors may lead to postponement of a decided/finalized observational night.
  8. The governing body shall have the power to remove(we definitely don’t love doing that) a member from all the membership benefits if he or she;    
  •  Creates nuisance during meetings etc. 
  •  Fails to pay the subscription fee.                              
  •  Loses interest in society’s proceedings.